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The Bum Bag/Belt Bag/Fanny Pack Look

A bum bag is the same as a fanny pack. But you're probably wondering what a fanny pack is. Well a fanny pack is a small pouch that people tend to wear around their waist or hips. Back in the day (the 80s and the 90s) women and men wore a fanny pack because it was a convenient and easy go to accessory for loose change, money, ID cards, keys, cell phones and other small items. Today the fanny pack and the bum bag is not only convenient but it also makes a fashion statement. So if you've never heard of the fanny pack or the bum bag it's OK because it is trending this season. So now is your chance to try it out if you've never heard of it or if you have and have never tried it before but have secretly been wanting to.

The bum bag and the fanny pack is also known today as a belt bag or belt purse. When it comes to the belt bag and belt purse it can be worn around the waist and or hips like a bum bag and fanny pack. But sometimes depending on the style some of the belt bags and belt purses come with a long strap so that you can wear it as a wallet on chain.

The bum bag, fanny pack and belt bag has been a huge trend for the last couple of seasons thanks to designers like Gucci. The bum bag, belt bag and the fanny pack is also worn on the back, on either the left or right shoulder and worn across the body or carried as a clutch. This style of bag seems to be here to stay so I thought I'd share with you some bum bag, belt bag and fanny pack looks. To learn more about each look below click on the pictures which will take you to the store that sells the item and there you can see how it is worn.

Zara Belt Bag $22.90
Wandler Anna Wallet leather belt bag $425
Louis Vuitton Bosphore bum bag $1,097
Queenie Quilted Fanny Pack $40
Theory Suede belt bag $165
Mango Zip-detail texture bum bag $39.99
See by Chloe Kriss mini embellished convertible textured-leather belt bag $275
Gucci Sylvie belt bag $1,980
Queenie Quilted Fanny Pack $40
Miu Miu Color-block quilted and matelassé leather belt bag $1,490
Moschino teddy bear belt bag $595
Gucci GG Marmont quilted-velvet belt bag $922
Saint Laurent Lou belt bag $832
Valentino Free Rockstud quilted-leather belt bag $1,154
Nancy Gonzalez  Crocodile belt bag $2,750
Porter-Yoshida & Co. Metallic Two Pocket Belt Bag $237
PB 0110 AB65 leather belt bag $490
Hayward Benny Belt bag $1,350
Chloe Pixie mini suede and leather belt bag $990
Gucci GG Marmont quilted-leather belt bag $1,512
Louis Vuitton house check belt bag $1,531
Balenciaga Jacquard & Leather Belt Pack w/ Charms $1,890
Valentino The Rockstud quilted leather belt bag $1,495
Prada Cahier belt bag $1,675
JUUN.J Leather Belt Pack $999
Proenzer Schouler PSWL Belt Bag $695
Saint Laurent Blogger Bag $995
Gucci GG Supreme belt bag $750
Moschino Logo plaque belt bag $650
Gucci Printed leather belt bag $ 1,290
Rebecca Minkoff Bree Belt Bag $195
Martine Rose Leather wallet belt $419
Panther Bum Bag $40
Prada bevelled belt bag $1,096
Lera Croc Convertible Belt Bag $34
Gucci GG Marmont Belt Pack w/ Metal Appliques $790
Saint Laurent Belt Bag $850
Prada Off-White & Black Belt Bag $1,730
Wandler Anna belt bag $415

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