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  • Safi Bello

The Straw & Raffia Look

The straw look and raffia looks are great looks when going on summer holiday. Both the raffia and straw looks were made for going on summer holiday and for the summer season in general. Straw and raffia are easy no fuss looks that can be worn all summer long and pretty much every summer. Straw and raffia can get a bit confusing because they have a sort of similar look. The difference is straw stems from the stalks of grain crops. Raffia stems from raffia palm leaves. Raffia also has a natural resin in the fiber giving it more longevity and flexibility. Straw, is more delicate and tends to chip or split if mishandled. So raffia might be a more safer option because you could buy it this summer season for summer holiday and use it again the next summer season and for your next summer holiday and continue using it going forward after that.

In NYC it is the middle of summer so it is heatwave after heatwave so lots of people will probably opt to take summer holiday now and go somewhere tropical with lots of beaches this is when a straw and a raffia look would come in handy. If you are on the market for your next straw or raffia look then you've come to the right place. If you've never tried straw or raffia looks then you've also come to the right place. If you are planning your next summer holiday to a tropical destination then you've also come to the right place. Below are some straw and raffia looks worth checking out. To learn more about each look below you can click on the pictures below which will take you to the retailer selling the look.



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