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A Look At The Coat Scarf 2-In-1 Trend

Right now you'll notice a trend of the 2-in-1 coat scarf trend. This trend became a trend around 2-3 years ago due to the Swedish brand Toteme. A few years ago Toteme introduced an embroidered wool-blend coat jacket that has a scarf attached to the collar of the coat in a dark grey. Now Toteme has the black on black scarf coat jacket and the chocolate brown scarf coat jacket. The Toteme coat scarf 2-in-1 coat jacket is a bit pricey. But there are many dupes out there on the market. Now you will see more and more brands jumping on board and doing the same 2-in-1 scarf coat trend. With the Toteme scarf coat jacket the scarf is attached to the coat jacket and does not come off. But some other brands that have now released the same look have come out with the same version but with a detachable scarf.

The coat jacket scarf 2-in-1 look is a look that works during the fall, early winter and the spring season. It is a chic, cute and great look because you not only have a coat jacket that is possibly wool, or a wool-blend that will keep you warm but it comes with a scarf attached to it. So you don't have to buy an additional scarf if you have a coat scarf 2-in-1 coat jacket because you'll have a scarf already attached to your coat jacket.

The coat scarf 2-in-1 look is a look that can seem trendy especially if the scarf is not detachable. But the coat scarf 2-in-1 look can also stand the test of time if the scarf comes off because the coat jacket will look different once you remove the scarf and wear it separately. If you like the look and are on the market for a new coat or jacket and a new scarf then you've come to the right place. Below are some coat jacket scarf 2-in-1 looks worth trying out. To learn more about the coat jacket scarf 2-in-1 look below you can click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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