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Wearing A Slip Dress & Slip Skirt This Spring & Summer

A slip dress and a slip skirt is great look to wear when the weather is warmer like during the spring and summer seasons. A slip dress looks great with a leather moto jacket, or a jeans jacket or a short or midi cardigan or with a fitted turtleneck underneath. With a slip skirt you can wear a graphic t-shirt, a chunky sweater/jumper and then pair it with a cute sleek leather moto or a fluffy or fury coat or a jeans jacket.

When wearing a slip dress or slip skirt you can pretty much pair either look with any blouse, top or sweater/jumper or coat or jacket. You can pretty much pair a slip dress or slip skirt with anything that you like. A slip dress may not be for everyone due to it being so lightweight and even though slip dresses and slip skirts are not see through they have a way of revealing too much sometimes due to the fabric and how lightweight it is and some people might not be comfortable with it.

But a slip dress and a slip skirt is still a great look to try out. It is not something that you would wear everyday due to how lightweight the fabric of slip dresses and slip skirts are made. It is definitely something worth trying especially if you're looking to try a different look that you normally wouldn't turn to.

I'm not saying you have to go out and buy the latest slip dresses and slip skirts on the market. You might have some already at home. But if you don't have any slip dresses or slip skirts then decide based on your budget how much you are willing to spend if you want to try out the look. A slip dress and slip skirt may not be for you.

It all depends on the individuals style and what they like and feel comfortable in.

But if the slip dress look and the slip skirt look is something you like then below are some slip dress and slip skirt looks to give you an idea of how the looks are styled. To learn more about each look click on the pictures below which will take you to the retailer that sells the look.

Topshop PETITE Daisy Cowl Slip Dress $75
Vince Slip Skirt $265
Zara Premium Slip Dress $39.90
Raey Bias godet geo-snake print silk slip skirt $272
Helmut Lang Mid-rise satin slip skirt $217
Lee Matthews Rose silk-satin midi dress $430
Kachel Lydia Leopard Silk Slip Dress $250
Fleur Du Mal For FWRD Midi Slip With Low Back $325
Morgan Lane Sofia contrast silk wrap-around slip $380
Zara Satin Skirt $49.90
ALEXANDERWANG.T Crinkled-satin mini skirt $195
Topshop Paisley Satin Slip Dress $75
Raey Bias godet silk-satin midi slip skirt $245
Michelle Mason Gathered Slip Dress $770
Saturday/Sunday Rosalina Slip Dress $49.95

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