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A Look At Some Brooches & Pins Worth Giving A Try This Season

A brooch and a pin are both accessories that are fastened to your clothing. A brooch and a pin are considered ornaments or clasps and they always have a pin at the back so that you can attach it to your clothing by passing the pin through the clothing. Passing the pin through the clothing allows you to get a secure spot on the clothing so this way the pin and brooch stay attached.

Brooches and pins were accessories that back in the day were associated with something maybe your mom or grandma would wear. But nowadays brooches and pins have been made to look more modern and cool that anyone and everyone can wear them regardless of age. Designers today have given brooches and pins an updated look.

The good thing with brooches and pins is that you can wear it with any look. You don't have to necessarily just wear a brooch or a pin with a dressy look or on a special or evening occasion. You can wear a brooch or a pin with a casual dressed down look. A brooch or pin can also be worn as a daily accessory like wearing a necklace or choker or rings.

If you are looking to try a different kind of accessory and are leaning towards a brooch or pin then this post is for you. If you never heard of a brooch or pin and not sure what it looks like or if it fits your style you can go to a high street retailer like topshop and try out one of their brooches or pins. But if you've tried out a brooch and pin and like the way it looks on you then scroll down. If you are into higher end brands you can check out the brooches that are available at Chanel.

Below are some brooches and pins worth checking out. To learn more about the brooches and pins below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer that the sells the item.

Hillier Bartley Gold-plated dart brooch $241

Chanel Metal, Strass and Resin Brooch $475
Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished cross brooch $645
14 / Quatorze Baby's Breath gold-plated pearl brooch $235
Chanel Metal, Glass Pearls & Strass Brooch $475
Topshop Crown Gem Brooch $18
Burberry Pavé crystal kilt pin brooch $400
Vince Camuto Danish Garden Flower Brooch $28
Erdem Crystal-embellished arrow brooch $310
Topshop Pearl Cherub Brooch $18
Oscar de la Renta Gold-tone brooch $190

Saint Laurent Love Pin Set $545
Gucci Gold-tone crystal brooch $335
Prada Set Of Three Enameled Metal Brooches $380
Etro Heart and arrows brooch $476

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