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Wearing Patchwork Looks This Fall

Patchwork is defined as pieces of cloth of various colors and shapes sewn together. Patchwork fashions are a trend for fall 2018. You will see patchwork looks everywhere from sweaters, to coats, jackets, pants, blouses, dresses, skirts, hats and even bags and shoes.

Patchwork is something that you will see a lot on quilts, comforters and even duvets. You will also see it on pillows and other bedding and home ware. Patchwork is also a great fashion piece to wear. For example if you wear a patchwork sweater depending on the patchwork and the thickness it can help to keep you warm. Also a patchwork blouse, top or sweater can help to accessorize your look without any additional accessories.

Wearing patchwork makes a bold statement. Patchwork tends to stand out since it is multi-colored. If you are not into colorful looks or wearing any color and prints are not your thing then a patchwork look might not be for you and that is okay. But if you are looking to try out a print and different colors then patchwork might be for you. If patchwork is new to you maybe you want to start off small by just trying out a patchwork handbag, or shoes. If after trying out a patchwork handbag or shoes and it is something that you like then maybe you can move on to a patchwork blouse or sweater. You can trying finding a patchwork blouse or sweater with limited patchwork and not so bright and bold in colors and patterns.

If you are looking to try something completely different from your everyday look then patchwork is for you. When it comes to fashion not many people would turn to patchwork as a first option. But if you are one of those people that likes fun, colorful and daring looks then patchwork is for you.

Below are some patchwork looks worth trying out fall and even during next spring. To learn more about each patchwork look click on the pictures below and you will be directed to the retailer that sells the look.

Ghost Carly Patchwork Dress $208
House of Holland Patchwork Floral-print crepe de chine maxi dress $670
Zara Patchwork Print Blouse $69.90
Mira Mikati Patchwork Turtleneck $765
M.i.h Dalary Patchwork Suede Mini Skirt $445
Patchwork Sweater Dress $198
Alanui Fringed Patchwork crocheted cashmere cardigan $6,161.11
Kachel Floral Patchwork Wrap Top $138
Pierre-Louis Mascia Aloeuw Patchwork Robe $761
Zara Patchwork Print Dress $35.99
alice + olivia Kylie Patchwork Jacket $595
Kachel Rove Patchwork Skirt $138
UO Ryker Mixed Print Patchwork Midi Dress $89
Pierre-Louis Mascia Razzoli Patchwork Shirt $312
Mon Cheri Silky Patchwork Kimono $68
MSGM Fringed patchwork wool-blend sweater $1,200
LAIA Tabatha Patchwork Sweater $248
To get this look click on the links below
Zara Patchwork Chain Print Blouse $39.90
Turner Patchwork Lieutenant $68
Gucci Floral patchwork-print stand-collar crepe dress $4,300
Richard Quinn Patchwork printed velvet top $740
Ksenia Schnaider Denim Patchwork Coat $975
Zara Floral Print Patchwork Skirt $119
Loewe Gate patchwork leather tote bag $3,950
3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Top $650
Keep In Touch Patricia Patchwork Dress $188
Joseph Patchwork Sweater $405

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