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Tiger Printed Looks

If you see a blouse, top, sweater, skirt, dress, jeans, pants, trousers or a jacket with vertical stripes on a reddish-orange fur with the bottom being lighter then you'll know it's a tiger print. Tigers stripes can vary in color from pure black to light brown and stand out on a tigers coats, which include deep reddish-orange, light yellow-orange and white.

But when it comes to fashion and shopping for anything in tiger print you can find the print in just about any color. Tiger print is one of those prints that are great for the fall season and you could possibly even make it work in the early winter. It is perfect for spring.

Animal prints can be a little tricky to wear because they can be a little bit loud and might clash a little with your accessories. If you are looking to make a statement then tiger print and any other print is perfect you. But if it's too much for you that's cool too. Just because someone else doesn't like it doesn't mean you can't wear it. If you like it or even love it then just go for it. Have fun with it.

Since tiger print tends to come in lots of brown and black it may not be to everyone's liking because brown is not a color that you'd probably usually think about wearing unless it was a wool coat or jacket. But you can mix it up. Since tiger print has brown and black you can do so much more with that since the black is in there. If you are not feeling black and brown no worries because nowadays in stores you can find tiger print in a variation of colors.

Below are some tiger printed looks to try out this fall and possibly early winter and definitely during the spring. To learn more about each look you can click on the pictures below which will take you to the retailer that sells the item.

Proenza Schouler Tiger-print wool and silk-blend jacquard mini skirt $990
Tiger Print Sweater by YAS $95
Stella McCartney Tiger Print Sweater $825
Adam Selman Tiger Deep V Sweater $325
Aquazzura Forever Marilyn tasseled tiger-print calf hair pumps $950
Bottega Veneta Tiger-stripe coat $4,650
M.i.h Jeans Bay Garnett Tiger Turtleneck $165
Loewe Tiger-print pony hair and leather collapsible-heel pumps $950
Proenza Schouler Tiger Print Jacquard Jacket $2,190
Aries Tiger-print faux-fur top $370
Adam Selman Tiger Print Love Top $295
Adam Lippes Double-Breasted Tiger Print Coat $889.97
House of Holland Exclusive tiger print pencil skirt two-piece $119
Stella McCartney Tiger Print Midi Skirt $825
Dolce & Gabbana Tiger-print faux fur Mary Jane pumps $875
Alexander McQueen Tiger jacquard velvet coat $3,695
Saint Laurent Tiger Striped Appliquéd suede belt $695
Vetements The Styling Dress in Tiger Print $990
Alessandra Rich Tiger-print V-neck dress $1,079
Dolce & Gabbana Tiger-print silk-blend chiffon blouse $1,395

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