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The Straw Hat Look

A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or reeds. The purpose of the straw hat is to protect your head from the sun. But the straw hat is also a fashionable accessory to have. Now that it is summer in NYC and it is very warm and humid the straw hat would be a handy thing to have.

The straw hat is very popular when going on holiday and traveling to beach destinations and tropical, warm and sunny destinations. Depending on the brim of the straw hat it can block the suns rays from your face. Wearing a straw hat also protects your hair and scalp. It also helps protect you from heatstroke.

In NYC when the sun is out during the day throughout the summer as it starts to heat up, you'll see some people using an umbrella for protection from the sun. Also the umbrella might be used to stay cool. If you don't want to carry an umbrella on a sunny, hot day you can opt for a straw hat during those days.

When choosing a straw hat look that works for you you have different options. One option is the floppy hat -which usually has a big brim and you can find a variety of this style in straw. Then another straw hat option is the boater hat look. The boater hat is a hat that people usually wear on boating/sailing trips or events. it is also made of straw but has a smaller to medium sized brim and the top is flat.

So since it's getting warmer and people are planning holidays and vacations I thought now would be a good time for a straw hat. Also now that we know some of the straw hat options that are available I thought I'd put together some straw hat looks. Below are some straw hat looks for your next holiday, vacation or just to wear to your local beach or pool. Or you can wear it on a day-to-day basis on the hot days. To learn more about each straw hat look below click on the pictures which will take you to the retailer that sells the look.

Filù Hats Arenal wide-brimmed straw hat $675
Zara Multicolored Woven Straw Hat $7.99
Eugenia Kim Genie Cecily Woven Straw Hat $61.60
Gladys Tamez Millinery Dean Straw Panama Hat $400
Sensi Studio Lady Ibiza toquilla straw hat $290
Topshop Straw Hat $30
Kate Spade New York Gingham Trilby Straw Hat $88
Maison Michel natural Virginie straw hat $912
Topshop Monochrome Straw Hat $30
Gucci Wide-brimmed straw hat $450
Piazza Straw Bucket Hat $48
Zara Straw Hat with Band and Frayed Brim $9.99
Missoni Extra-wide brim straw hat $324
Straw Cowboy Hat $29.99
Topshop Raw Edge Straw Hat $30
Sophie Anderson Corozon pompom-embellished woven straw hat $105

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