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TD Ameritrade Launches New Investor Education Platform

TD Ameritrade press release --------- TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: AMTD) announced today that TD Ameritrade, Inc.has expanded its award-winning investor education curriculum and designed a new experience providing investors with a personalized learning path. TD Ameritrade’s premium education – designed and delivered by a team of experienced educators – is free and available on-demand.“Access to investment products and tools can only take you so far without knowledge and confidence. Anyone can download articles and books on investing, but what we’ve built is an actual learning experience with a guided, personalized path,” said Lee McAdoo, managing director of Investor Education for TD Ameritrade. To learn more click on the picture below to read the release.

TD Ameritrade Launches New Investor Education Platform - Read More from TD Ameritrade

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