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LG’s steam cleaning closet is now family-sized

The Verge ----------- The LG Styler, a smart clothes managing and steam cleaning cupboard, now comes in a bigger family size with an expanded interior that lets you store up to six pieces of clothing. The Styler is a clothing care system that uses steam to refresh and sanitize your clothes, getting rid of odors and wrinkles. LG says the Styler can remove over 99 per cent of allergens and bacteria in clothing, with hot steam sterilizing the clothes while also straightening them. A Moving Hanger, which can hold up to five items of clothing, can also “shake” out the remaining wrinkles. The expanded interior means owners can also place larger jackets and winter coats into the system. The Styler is also designed for delicate clothing including brassieres, blouses, and formalwear like dresses and suits. It can also be used to sanitize babywear and plush toys. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

LG’s steam cleaning closet is now family-sized - Read More from The Verge

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