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TD Ameritrade Launches Tax-Loss Harvesting Tool for Investors

TD Ameritrade press release --------- Your investments should be positioned to help you attain your goals while being tax efficient at the same time. TD Ameritrade Investment Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor subsidiary of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: AMTD), today announced a new tax-loss harvesting strategy that can help everyday investors make their portfolios more tax-efficient. “In the past, only the wealthiest investors could afford to reap the greatest benefits of effective tax management strategies. Times have changed. TD Ameritrade’s new feature can help to streamline tax strategies, providing great value and ease for our managed portfolio clients,” says Lule Demmissie, managing director of investment products and guidance at TD Ameritrade. “Our clients have asked for these capabilities, and we’re pleased to now offer them – at no additional cost.” To learn more click on the picture below to read the release.

TD Ameritrade Launches Tax-Loss Harvesting Tool for Investors - Read More from TD Ameritrade

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