• Safi Bello

Lab-Made 'Metallic Hydrogen' Could Revolutionize Rocket Fuel

According to an article in Live Science ----- Metallic hydrogen, a bizarre form of the element that conducts electricity even at low temperatures, has finally been made in the lab, 80 years after physicists predicted its existence. Scientists managed to create the elusive, electrically conductive hydrogen by squeezing it to incredibly high pressures between two ultrapure diamonds, the researchers reported in a new study. "No one has ever encountered metallic hydrogen because it's never existed on Earth before," Isaac Silvera, a condensed matter physicist at Harvard University, told Live Science. "Probably the conditions in the universe are such that it has never existed in the universe." For more on the lab-made 'Metallic Hydrogen' that could revolutionize rocket fuel click on the pictures below to read the articles.

Lab-Made 'Metallic Hydrogen' Could Revolutionize Rocket Fuel - Read More from Live Science
Metallic hydrogen, once theory, becomes reality - Read More from PHYS.org

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