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Wearing Velvet, Velour and Velveteen During The Fall & Winter Season

Velvet, velour and velveteen is a great piece of clothing to wear during the mid fall and winter season. Wearing velvet can help keep you warm when it's cold and windy outside and it's also very fashionable. The thing with velvet, velour and velveteen is that you will need to take proper care of it so that it doesn't flatten, become matted and so on. When wearing velvet, velour, velveteen or anything else once you leave your home there is a possibility that you could get water, oil or other stains on your clothing. So when this happens there is no need to get alarmed because nowadays there are lots of services and dry-cleaners that specialize in caring for velvet, velour, velveteen and other delicate fabrics.

Velvet and velveteen and velour is something that you can wear during the day or during the evening. You can wear a velvet or velveteen or velour fabric blazer, skirt, or dress or trousers to work or to a day function or you can wear the same velvet items to an evening function. You can wear velvet, velveteen and velour as a dressy look or as a casual dressed down look. It all depends on the velvet, or velveteen or velour item you wear whether it's a blazer, trousers, blouse/top, or skirt or dress and where you're going and the look you are going for. Once you decide what velvet, velveteen or velour item you will be wearing or if you will be wearing an all velvet, velveteen or velour look then you can decide if you want to dress it up or down. Or you can decide beforehand. It's all up to the individual and their style.

You may already have a velvet, velveteen or velour clothing item in your closet already. So you may not need to buy a new one. But if you are looking to upgrade your closet and add more velvet, velveteen and velour to your wardrobe then you've come to the right place. Below are some velvet, velveteen and velour looks worth trying out during the fall and winter season. To learn more about each look click on the pictures below and the links below the pictures which will take you to the retailer selling the look.



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