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  • Safi Bello

Some New In Arrivals At J. Crew

J. Crew is a retailer that sales women's, men's, and children's clothing and accessories including jewelry, suits, sweaters, denim, swimwear, outerwear, lounge-wear, bags, dresses, shoes and so much more. J. Crew is the parent company of Madewell. But Madewell has filed IPO back in December 2019 which will be complete the first quarter of fiscal 2020. Madewell is pretty much growing in sales while J. Crew is kind of struggling. But I wanted to do this post to show everyone that there are still some really great items at J. Crew even though it might not be a go to trendy retailer for people at the moment.

J. Crew was a very popular retailer a few years ago. But the trend has died down due to lots of their stores closings at the beginning of 2019. But there are still quite a few J. Crew stores left. So for those who love simplistic, preppy and comfortable attire then J. Crew is still that retailer for that.

A few years ago J. Crew started becoming more in demand because of their well liked and very popular and highly purchased Cocoon coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool. This coat became very popular because it came in lots of bright colors at the time. Then J. Crew started added more and more toned down colors for those who didn't like bright colors. Then there was of course the basic black, gray and camel color. At the time before the cocoon coat became popular I bought the same coat in a bright reddish-orange looking color. Till this day it's still one of my best and most worn coats.

If you're into sweaters with prints like polka dots, animal prints and other prints then J. Crew is a great place to check out when looking for prints. Around the holiday season at J. Crew you can find sweaters with sequin or pearls as well. With a lot of J. Crew sweaters they're not on the heavy or thick side. So you can layer by pairing a sweater with a button-up. The sweater with a button-up and slacks or trousers will give you more of a preppy look. J. Crew also has some really cute cashmere cardigans and sweaters.

If you are looking to try a different look a more preppy kind of look then you've come the right place. If you are looking to add more sweaters and cardigans and cashmere to your wardrobe then you've come to the right place. Below are some new in arrivals that are available now at J. Crew. To learn more about each item below click on the pictures which will take you to the page on the J. Crew site and their you can learn more about the item.



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