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Wearing Off-the-Shoulder Looks

Off-the-shoulder outfits have become a really big trend every spring and summer for the last several seasons and maybe even for the last couple of years. With an off the shoulder top you get to show off some skin without showing off too much. With an off-the-shoulder item even though it is made to be worn off-the-shoulder you don't have to necessarily wear it off the shoulder. You can wear it pulled up on-your shoulder and that helps to create a different look.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder look is also a great way to show off that new tan that you've been working so hard on (whether by laying out in the sun at the beach, or on vacation or if you paid for it and came from a spray can - no one needs to know).

All people will notice is your sun kissed skin in your off-the-shoulder top, blouse or dress. An off-the-shoulder piece also shows off your collarbone. Another benefit of wearing an off-the shoulder look is depending on the off-the-shoulder item it can look really great when layered with jewelry like necklaces and chokers.

With off-the-shoulder tops, blouses and dresses you can find them made in different fabrics, material, cut, and colors. You can find a plain off-the-shoulder blouse, top or dress that is just one color or you can find a look with ruffles, a floral look, a multi-colored look, geometric shapes and so on. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding and selecting an off-the-shoulder piece to wear.

When wearing an off-the-shoulder look like a top or blouse you can dress it up or down. Depending on the off-the-shoulder top or blouse you can dress it up by wearing slacks, or trousers or a skirt. You can dress it down with anything denim or any casual looking bottom. Depending on the look you're going for you can decide if you want to do heels with the look, or flats, or sandals, slides, mules or sneakers/trainers. The same goes with an off-the-shoulder dress. Since it is one look you can decide if you want to make it look dressy or casual by what you wear on your feet (heels, flats, slides, mules, loafers, sneakers/trainers etc).

So since it is officially summer now in the Northern Hemisphere I thought I'd put together some off-the-shoulder looks that are worth trying out if you're out shopping and looking for some off-the-shoulder looks to add to your wardrobe. Below are some looks at various price points and from several different retailers. To learn more about each look click on the pictures below which will take you to the retail store that sells the items and there you can decide if the look is for you and if it's something you'd like to try out.

Nightwalker Mel Off Shoulder Dress $128
WAYF  Grenoble Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit $85
Pixie Market Lenny Brown off-the-shoulder Midi Dress $135
Topshop Mini Polka Dot Bardot Dress $95
Figue Helena off-the-shoulder embroidered cotton-voile midi dress $825
Self Portrait Pleated off-the-shoulder floral-print mini dress $430
Zara Off-The Shoulder Top $45.90
Maeve Off-The-Shoulder Eyelet Blouse $98
Urban Outfitters Off-The-Shoulder Eyelet Midi Dress $89
Petersyn off-the-shoulder cropped top $283
Zimmerman Melody Off Shoulder Top $355
Zara Off-the-shoulder dress $25.99
Caroline Constas Gabriella off-the-shoulder gingham top $395
Pixie Market Lace Off The Shoulder Crop Top $84
Little Moon Gladiolus Off-the-shoulder Blouse $39.99
Cleobella Lou Lou Off-The Shoulder Gingham Dress $89.99
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