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  • Safi Bello

Facebook’s plan to build community with hiring and $10M in grants

Techcrunch ---------- Facebook will award up to $1 million to five community leaders and $50,000 to 100 more to fund their ideas for how to strengthen people’s online and offline connections. Facebook will also hire double the number of engineers currently working on safety-related causes in its London office. These were a few of the big announcements made at today’s Facebook Communities Summit Europe. The moves show Facebook isn’t scared to throw its sizable wallet around on behalf of its new mission statement to bring people closer together. The company is dealing with an onslaught of criticism around polarization, election interference, fake news, censorship, sucking money out of journalism, and negative impacts on well-being from overuse of its social network. Facebook knows it can’t come up with all the ideas to offset these issues and become more of a force for good in the world, so it’s crowdsourcing them with the new Community Leadership grants. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

Facebook’s plan to build community with hiring and $10M in grants - Read More from Techcrunch

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