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Morgan Stanley Launches Morgan Stanley Access Investing

Morgan Stanley press release -------- Morgan Stanley Wealth Management today announced the launch of Morgan Stanley Access Investing. The new online investing platform is part of Morgan Stanley’s ongoing efforts to develop leading digital tools that can deliver the Firm’s human capital and insights to more clients, with greater efficiency and personalization. Access Investing is an online investing platform designed to help build, monitor and automatically rebalance a diversified portfolio. Building on the Firm’s proprietary Goals-Based Wealth Management technology, Access Investing is designed to help investors who have less complex needs meet their unique financial goals – whether they are saving for retirement, buying a new car or purchasing a home – all while accounting for their time horizon and risk tolerance. Additionally, Access Investing allows Morgan Stanley’s financial advisors to expand their reach and nurture future clients by building a pipeline to the next generation of high net worth clients. To learn more click on the picture below to read the release.

Morgan Stanley Launches Morgan Stanley Access Investing - Read More from Morgan Stanley

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