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How To Guide For: Understanding How Appearance And Weight Affects Career And Job Opportunities For W

When it comes to conducting interviews there has been a rise in Face-time, Skype , photo resume and other forms of video interviewing. This way of interviewing gives recruiters and employers an opportunity to get to learn about the candidates skills and work experiences without physically meeting the candidate face-to-face, while giving the recruiters and employers a chance to see what the candidate looks like via video. The interviewer gets to see the candidates physical attributes. This kind of interviewing could potentially come off as bias and discriminatory. On the flip-side there are still many recruiters and companies that have chosen to stick to the more traditional route of conducting telephone interviews without video and relying heavily only on the dialogue they have with the candidate over the phone and the candidates resume and actual work experience and staying away from hiring based on physical appearance. Many companies are still depending and counting on resumes to tell them if a candidate would be a good fit for the role that they are seeking to fill instead of how attractive a candidate is or a candidates weight. There is so much more to learn about how appearance and weight affects career and job opportunities for women. To learn more click on the pictures below to read the articles.

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