• Safi Bello

How To Guide For: Understanding How Dry Brushing Your Face Works And The Benefits It Has

Dry brushing your face with a soft bristle brush can rejuvenate tired, dull skin. Dry brushing refreshes and energizes your skin and improves circulation. Dry brushing has many benefits like for starters it exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells which will make your skin look and feel healthy. It also helps with blood circulation. To better understand how dry brushing your face works and the benefits it has click on the pictures below to read the articles.

A 5-Step Guide To Dry Brushing Your Face For Brighter Skin - Read More from Mind Body Green
Why Dry Brushing (Your Face) Is Now A Thing - Read More from Well & Good

Dry Brushing Your Face - Brush from Aveda

Aveda Tulasāra Radiant Facial Dry Brush $35.82

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