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A Variety of Plaid Looks

Plaid is pretty much any clothing that has checked or tartan pattern and is usually made of wool. With plaid you'll also notice a pattern of unevenly spaced repeated stripes or bars of color crossing at right angles. Plaid is perfect for the fall and winter season since it tends to be made of a woven wool. Woven wools are knitted, crocheted, or woven into softer, fluffier fabric, or fulled fabric.

A plaid clothing item that is made of woolen wools will be a lot more warmer because it is full of air which will help with insulation which will help to keep you warm during the winter season. Since it is fall now in the Northern hemisphere now is the time to start pulling out your plaid pieces that you had stored away during the summer months.

If you are someone who tends to like layering then plaid is a great piece for you since it is a warm fabric. It is also great for those who love color since plaids can sometimes be loud and bold depending on the plaid piece you go for. But if plaid and stripes are not your thing that is fine. You don't have to wear it. You should just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you like.

If you kind of like plaid but are not really 100% sold on the look or too sure about wearing stripes you can start small by trying out trousers with very small plaid stripes or a coat or jacket that is plaid but the smaller plaid stripes and not the large stripes. Also I am sure you can find an all black plaid look.

Sometimes plaid can feel overwhelming if you're someone that has a uniform that you stick to and that uniform consists of neutrals and black. Plaid would be pretty much stepping out of your comfort zone which I get. But you can always ease your way into any fashion trend or fashion look by starting with an accessory or anything small and not so noticeable.

If you are looking to try out plaid looks this fall and winter then below are a variety of plaid looks for you to try out from several different retailers. To learn more about each look you can click on the picture below or the links below the pictures both will take you to the retail store that sells the look.

Anna October Plaid Long Coat $935
To get this look click on the links below

Zara Plaid Pants $69.90; Zara Plaid Shirt $69.90;

Fendi Glazed Prince of Wales Plaid Mini Skirt  $1,290
Shoshanna Windowpane plaid Upton Dress $398
Current Air Marion Plaid Shirt $98
Isabel Marant Harrison oversized plaid wool coat $1,765
Zara Plaid Culottes $49.90
Bottega Veneta Plaid A-line wool coat $3,950
Moth Williston Plaid Cardigan $178
Theory Plaid Vent Front Shift Dress $495
Anna Plaid Mini Dress $148
Zara Plaid Double-Breasted Trench Coat $149
Moon River Fringed Plaid Pullover $98
Michael Kors Collection Plaid wool blazer $1,395
See You Glow Plaid Skirt $98
Maje Pleated plaid woven mini skirt $265
Velvet by Graham & Spencer Brenley Plaid Pants $229
Current/Elliott The Purch Top in Plaid $268
Zara Plaid Belted Pencil Skirt $69.90
Anine Bing Plaid Blazer $349

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