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FDIC Consumer News Features Tips on Protecting Assets

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation press release -------- It's always important for consumers to save money for their future, keep banking and borrowing costs down, and guard their possessions from high-tech thieves in today's digital world. The Winter 2018 FDIC Consumer News includes information about: Five things to know about safe deposit boxes and home safes for protecting valuables. Among the tips: bank safe deposit boxes are good choices to store originals of key documents, such as birth certificates and property deeds, but probably not the right choice if quick access is a must. Also, people are better off stashing their cash in a bank deposit account, like a savings account or certificate of deposit, than in a home safe or a safe deposit box, where the money isn't protected by FDIC insurance. To get more in depth information click on the picture below to read the release.

FDIC Consumer News Features Tips on Protecting Assets - Read More from FDIC

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