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Goldman Sachs Latest to Label Crypto A Business Risk

Coindesk -------- Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has cited its connection to cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a potential business risk, public records show. In a way, the disclosure echoes one published last week by Bank of America, which warned at the time that it faces both competitive and compliance risks as a result of the technology. According to the Feb. 26 filing, which constitutes its annual report for the fiscal year 2017, Goldman believes that it might be impacted because of its work with clients and the companies it has invested in. Goldman is an investor in payments startup Circle (which announced today that it had acquired crypto exchange Poloniex) and is one of a number of investment banks that offers its customers access to bitcoin futures markets, as reported by Bloomberg earlier this year. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

Goldman Sachs Latest to Label Crypto A Business Risk - Read More from Coindesk

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