• Safi Bello

BP Weighing Upgrade of US Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy World ------ BP Plc is weighing plans to update as many as 200 of its U.S. wind turbines with newer, higher-capacity equipment, a move that would represent the company's biggest investment in renewable energy since its last wind farm came online in 2012. If the company green lights the project --- a decision that could be reached by mid-year -- it would represent about 400 MW of capacity. Laura Folse, chief executive of BP Wind Energy, said the move would allow the U.K. energy giant to capitalize on production tax credits while optimizing operations at farms in Texas and Kansas. The company put an initial investment down in December in order to qualify for the full tax credit, which started scaling down this year. The updates involve swapping out aging equipment, such as gearboxes, drive trains and blades, while keeping existing towers and foundations. BP expects the upgraded technology to improve efficiency and reliability while increasing overall energy output. To learn more about BP weighing upgrade of US wind turbines click on the picture below to read the article.

BP Weighing Upgrade of US Wind Turbines - Read More from Renewable Energy World

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