• Safi Bello

Wearing Pastel Colors During The Spring & Summer Season

Pastel colors are great to wear during the spring and summer season. With pastel colors it doesn't matter what your style is. You can make it work. Pastel colors can work on any size, shape and frame. With today being the first day of spring (in the northern hemisphere) you'll probably notice lots of pastel colored looks everywhere if it wasn't everywhere already. You'll be seeing more pastel colored everything (from clothing, to shoes, to bags and so on) everywhere from online shops, social media and when you go to boutiques and malls. Pastel colors will be trending this spring and summer. So if you are a person that's into trends than the pastel color trend might be a trend worth trying out if you haven't tried it already. But if pastel colors and trends are not your thing than that's perfectly fine. Wear what you like and what you think suits your style. What's most important is that you wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Pastels colors are a go to staple for some people during the spring and during the summer because of the season and the weather. Pastel colors have a more spring and summer vibe than a winter vibe. Pastel colors could be a go to during the spring and summer because the colors are so light. Something about pastel colors feel happy and vibrant. So it's a great way for someone who doesn't wear color or like bright colors to get into wearing color without feeling like it's too much. Pastel colors is one of those things that is always trending a season here and there.

You might have pastel colored tops or blouses or skirts or trousers or bags or other pastel colored items in your wardrobe already. So you don't have to necessarily go out and buy new pastel colored pieces. You can shop your own wardrobe and look through your spring and summer items from previous seasons to see if you have any pastel colored items. But if you don't have any pastel colored items and are looking to try out the pastel colored trend then you've come to the right place. If you have pastel colored pieces already in your wardrobe and are looking to add a few more pastel colored looks then you've also come to the right place. Below are some pastel colored looks worth trying out during any spring and summer season. To learn more about each pastel colored look below click on each picture and the links below the pictures which will take you to the retailer selling the looks.

The above Needle & Thread skirt is paired with an A.P.C. Lilas Pullover Axelle Sweater $255;

To get this look click on the links below

Ralph & Russo Mint Wool and silk-blend crepe blazer $825; Ralph & Russo Mint Cropped pleated cotton-blend crepe wide-leg pants $390;

To get this look click on the links below

Dorothee Schumacher Pastel Blue Chunky-Knit Brooch Detail Cardigan $740; Dorothee Schumacher Pastel Blue Front Pleat Flared Trousers $550;

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