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The Slip Dress Look

In NYC it is very hot and humid pretty much everyday. It doesn't seem to make a difference what you wear or how far or long you walk you are going to sweat since it's so humid on most days. Not much is really opened due to the pandemic other than beaches and restaurants for the most part in NYC and maybe some retail stores. So far everything will be opening up in phases and stages. So hopefully by August more places will be open. But for right now you can still count on restaurants because restaurants are all somewhat opened. So you can still get dressed up to go to to your favorite restaurant and enjoy outdoor dining in your cute outfit while you people watch and enjoy your favorite dishes.

Just because there isn't much opened up doesn't mean you can't look nice when you do decide to go outdoors whether it be for a stroll, to have drinks or to have brunch or dinner or just hang out at the park and have a picnic. So if you're going to go out in the heat and humidity why not look cute and comfortable at the same time.

So I thought I'd continue where I left off with my last post on dresses worth trying out for the summer and spring season. Dresses are great to wear all year round but it's perfect during the summer, the days are longer and the weather is nicer and you get to spend more time outdoors. But the thing is not everyone feels comfortable wearing dresses or skirts. So I thought I'd start small with this post by taking a look at slip dresses. A slip dress is very simple and easy and very plain. It's kind of like you're wearing a night gown or pajamas at home. But you can also wear it outdoors. So if you don't mind trying a different look then you've come to the right place. If you also plan on spending lots of time outdoors then you've also come to the right place. Below are some slip dresses worth trying out this summer or really any summer. To learn more about each slip dress look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.



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