• Safi Bello

The Fisherman Sandal Look In Leather & Rubber

Fisherman sandals are sandals that usually have interwoven straps. The fisherman sandal looks pretty much like jelly sandals. The fisherman sandal is usually made from leather and it buckles around the ankle. The jelly sandal also buckles around the ankle but the jelly sandal is made of rubber. The leather version of the fisherman sandal could possibly last longer. But both versions you can get a lot of wear out of especially during the spring and summer season. The leather version of the fisherman sandal you could maybe even wear into the early fall season.

Fisherman sandals may not be for everyone. It is a look that could be a hit or miss it just depends on how you style it. The rubber version is a look that may not work with everything in your wardrobe. But the leather version will work with everything. The fisherman sandal is a comfortable, relaxed and easy look. The fisherman sandal is more of a daytime look because it feels more casual and laid back and not dressy. Also since it doesn't have a heel that also makes it feel more casual.

Summer in the northern hemisphere begins today. So now is a good time to bring out all you summer apparel and summer footwear. If you are looking for summer footwear that is casual, simple and easy then the fisherman sandal may be for you. Below are some fisherman sandal looks in leather and rubber. To learn more about the looks below you can click on the pictures which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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