• Safi Bello

The Bralette Look

A bralette is an unlined bra without underwires or a clasp. Back in the day bralettes were more something that you may have worn only around the house or to the gym or under clothing. But nowadays women wear bralettes out as a main clothing piece and sometimes even as part of their everyday outfit during the summer season. But at times it can be a bit difficult to incorporate a bralette into an outfit, especially if you want to wear a bralette everyday during the summer months.

When shopping for bralettes you can find them with straps and without straps. You can find bralettes that are embroidered, with and without prints, colorful, plain, with sequin, beads and so on. Bralettes come in a variety of styles and colors. So if bralettes are your thing there is a bralette look out there on the market for you. The thing with bralettes is that it can make you feel exposed because wearing a bralette is like wearing very minimal clothing. There is not much fabric in bralette and they tend to always be cropped. So when you wear a bralette you'll be showing some or a lot of skin depending on the bralette. So if showing skin is not your vibe then you may not want to try out or purchase bralettes.

Summer in the northern hemisphere will begin on June 20th which is a few months away. So why not start browsing online and planning some summer looks. You don't have to go out and buy anything new you probably already have lots of summer items at home. So when the summer comes around you can pull out all your old summer items from previous summer seasons. But this post is to take a look at some bralettes worth trying out during this summer season or really any summer. Bralettes may not be something that you may reach for during the summer or have thought of but it is something worth trying out if you're into the look. So if you are looking for some bralette looks below are some bralette looks worth trying out. To learn more about each bralette look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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