• Safi Bello

Some Sandal Looks For The Summer Season

It's officially summer in the northern hemisphere. So that means it's time to bring out all of your summer outfits like: rompers, playsuits, sleeveless everything, tube dresses, tank tops, halter tops, halter dresses, mini skirts, mini dresses, shorts and summer footwear like sandals and the list goes on and on. You get the gist. During the summer months the goal is to stay as cool as possible and not sweat too much. But the thing is it doesn't matter what you wear sleeveless or short sleeve, shorts or pants you are going to sweat especially on hot and humid days. It feels like this year the summer came early since it started getting hot during the spring season. But now that it is officially summer it feels like most days are hot and humid. If you have an air conditioner at home you might try to stay home to try to keep yourself cool. But we all need to go outdoors even when it's hot and humid outside. So what do you wear - you'll maybe pull out shorts, or anything sleeveless, pretty much anything that keeps you cool and is not heavy so that you don't sweat. You'll probably just want to keep cool and be comfortable with the clothing you wear and even your footwear. So when choosing footwear you might want to wear sandals or open toe shoes or if you wear sneakers with socks you'll want to wear cotton socks for proper ventilation.

This post is about different sandal looks. For my last post I covered linen looks which is a perfect look for the summer months and for hot and humid days. So I want to continue with the trend of things to wear during the summer season. So for this post I will be showing some sandal looks that are worth trying out during the summer months and maybe even possibly into the fall season. For this post I will be covering different types of sandal styles - from lace-up sandals, to strappy sandals, to block heel sandals, to flatform/platform sandals and other sandal styles. So if you haven't started shopping for sandals yet and are on the hunt for some sandals then I've got you covered. Below are some sandals worth trying out now and transitioning into early fall. To learn more about each sandal look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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