• Safi Bello

Some Organza Pieces

Organza is a thin, stiff, transparent fabric made of silk or a synthetic yarn. Silk organza is a great material for wedding dresses and prom dresses. Organza is see through and lightweight which makes it the perfect look for the spring and summer season. Organza is a great option for the summer because it allows air to flow freely. If you do plan on wearing organza in the summer you might want to look for silk based organza or silk satin organza.

When shopping for organza you can find organza blouses, tops, skirts, dresses and organza bottoms like trousers/pants and maybe even possibly organza shorts. Organza is something that is also great to wear during a night out like to a dinner or any other social function. Organza is not something that you want to wear on a regular basis because it is prone to wrinkles. It is delicate and can catch on to things and can tear easily. So you want to be careful so that it doesn't catch on to anything and tear.

Wearing organza is a great way to make a statement. Organza is a different look and you probably won't see many people walking around wearing organza. Organza is also great to wear during fashion week and a NYE party and any other party because that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to try out organza pieces and to make a statement then you've come to the right place. Below are some organza pieces worth trying out. To learn more about each piece below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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