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Some Linen Looks

Linen is a lightweight fabric made from the flax plant. Linen is a very comfortable fabric to wear during the summer months when it's very hot and humid because it is very absorbent. Linen will dry faster than cotton which is very important when it's hot and humid outside. When it's hot and humid outside you don't want to feel like you're sweating non-stop and it's showing. Linen will help with the sweating because it's absorbent. Although linen is very lightweight it is also very strong.

The downside of linen is that it can be sometimes so light that it is see through so your underwear may be visible. Another downside to wearing linen is that it tends to wrinkle quite a lot. But the wrinkle look is kind of cool look and has it's own vibe. So depending on who you ask some people may love the wrinkly look that linen tends to do and some people will hate the wrinkle look and prefer only to wear pressed, wrinkle free clothing. One of the good things about linen is that is sustainable. So if you are looking for sustainable options during the summer season then linen is a great option.

Linen tends to be more of a hot/summer season look. So it is great to wear on holiday/vacation or any getaway. It is great to wear on the beach or poolside. When shopping for linen pieces you can find linen blouses, linen button-ups, linen trousers, linen dresses, linen shorts, linen skirts, linen skorts and so on. Since linen is a very comfortable look this will make it a more go to item during the summer season. It could even be a staple piece for some people during the summer season.

If you have any holiday/vacations planned or you plan on going to a beach or on a weekend getaway why not invest in some lightweight pieces like linen. If you are looking for some linen looks below are some linen pieces to get you started and get you ready for the summer season or any holiday you have coming up. To learn more about each linen look below click on each picture or links below the pictures which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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