• Safi Bello

Some Footwear Looks For The Spring & Summer Season

Spring has just begun in the northern hemisphere a week ago. Since spring has started the weather has been going from cool to warm. But most days have been beautiful and warm enough that you could wear just a dress or a blouse or shirt and trousers or jeans outside and you'd be just fine. So far in NYC with the way the weather has been going you didn't really have to worry about being too cold and you didn't need to worry about wearing a heavy coat or heavy jacket because the weather has been very cool and warm enough that a heavy coat or jacket was not required. If the weather stays this way you'll be looking for warmer weather clothing and spring/summer footwear to wear. So why not start planning now.

Due to the pandemic many places have been closed and most of us are working from home so we haven't had to worry about what clothing to wear or what footwear to wear. But now as places begin to open up slowly you might be wondering what clothing and footwear to wear when getting back out there into the world. For a lot of us comfort right now and going forward has become the new norm. So when it comes to footwear some of us will be leaning more towards comfortable. Comfortable means different things to different people. Comfortable for me might be trainers and flats, slides, mules and footwear along those line. Comfortable for someone else might mean high heels, stilettoes and anything with a four inch heel. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to clothing and the same goes for footwear and everything else.

This post is to take a look at footwear looks worth trying out during the spring and summer season. During this spring and summer and seasons going forward you might see more footwear looks with platforms and chunky soles as with some previous seasons. Another go to footwear look that you'll notice more but works all year round from fall to winter to spring to summer is trainers/sneakers. These footwear looks are not new but these are comfortable and comfort is key right now. So if you are looking for some comfortable and statement making footwear looks worth trying out during the spring and summer season then you've come to the right place. Below are some footwear looks worth trying out during this spring and summer season or any spring and summer season. To learn more about each footwear look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the footwear.

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