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Some Corduroy Looks Worth Trying Out During The Fall, Winter & Spring Seasons

Corduroy is one of those looks that works well when worn during the fall and definitely during the winter season and definitely during the spring. When people wear corduroy they would tend to wear it more in the fall and probably all winter due to it being a little heavier than say maybe a pair of linen pants or lightweight trousers or slacks. With corduroy you don't have to worry about staying warm because corduroys are usually thick but also very soft and due to the texture and thickness it will help as the temperature drops outside and becomes freezing cold.

If it's really freezing cold outside and you don't feel warm enough just wearing corduroy pants/trousers, or top/blouse or anything else corduroy you can always add on additional layers which will keep you even warmer when you wear your corduroy piece. Sometimes if you wear a corduroy item and it's not that cold outside you might start to feel warm because of it's thickness. So you want to save your corduroy pants/trousers and tops for when you really need them.

Corduroy has a retro vibe to it and due to the texture and it having stripes it is something that may not appeal to everyone. But when it's really cold outside trust me you'll be happy to have a pair of corduroy pants/trousers in your wardrobe. If you've never tried corduroy maybe you could start small with a pair of black or any dark colored corduroy pants/trousers with the small micro stripes which is less noticeable than a corduroy item with large stripes. With the corduroys with the small micro stripes no one would really realize that you're wearing corduroy.

Since Fall is about a week away in the Northern Hemisphere now would be a good time to start investing in fall and winter items and corduroy is something you can wear every winter to help keep you warm. You might have a pair of corduroy trousers/pants or a corduroy jacket or button-up so you don't need to go out and buy a new pair of corduroy items. But if you don't have any corduroy items and want to be able to stay warm this winter and every winter then you've come to the right place. Also if you want to add additional corduroy items to your wardrobe then you've also come to the right place. Below are some corduroy looks worth trying out. To learn more about each corduroy item below click on each picture and the link below which will take you to the retailer selling the item.



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