• Safi Bello

Faux Pearl & Pearl Embellished Pieces

Lately it feels like more and more faux pearl and pearl embellished looks are popping up at a lot of boutiques and other retailers everywhere you go. You can find faux pearl and pearl embellished everything from sweaters, button-ups, to tank tops, to vests, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, sneakers, shoes, sandals, bags and so on. Faux pearl and pearl embellished anything and everything is a very trendy look. Faux pearl and pearl is one of those trends that will never go away. With pearls there are so many different types, different sizes, shapes and colors. With faux pearls there are three major types. Real pearl pieces will probably cost you more than faux pearl pieces. But either way both looks are super cute and worth trying out.

Faux pearl and pearl might not be for everyone. So if it's not your thing that is perfectly fine. There are a ton of other looks and trends out on the market for you to try out. So when searching for looks and trends there is something out there for everyone. You don't have to invest in a trend or a look or any pieces that you don't like or love just to be on trend. Always buy and wear what you love. If you love something you'll tend to wear it on repeat. This way you get your monies worth. If it's something that you don't really care for you won't use it as much and it will feel like you wasted money.

Back to faux pearl and pearl this look has been around for a very long time. So you might already have a pearl piece or two in your wardrobe. If you do have a pearl like item already in your wardrobe you won't need to go out and buy new pearl like pieces. You can work with the ones you have already and make it feel and look new. If you don't have any faux pearl or pearl items in your wardrobe and are looking to add some to your wardrobe then you've come to the right place. Below are some faux pearl and pearl embellished pieces worth trying out. To learn more about each piece below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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