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Crystal Embellished & Crystal Trimmed Looks

When you wear a blouse, or top or trousers or skirt or cardigan that is embellished or trimmed with faux crystals it can make your outfit really stand out and look more expensive than it might actually be. If one of the pieces that you're wearing is embellished with real crystals than you're outfit doesn't need anything else because the crystals will make all the statement without you even realizing it.

Faux crystals and crystals look beautiful on just about anything from a brooch, to a headband, to a bracelet, to necklaces, cardigan, blouse, shoes, trousers, coats and jackets and so on. Faux crystals and crystals are especially beautiful during the holiday season when worn to a holiday function. But you can wear a faux crystal or crystal piece or look all year round.

The thing with faux crystal or crystal or really any piece of clothing with ebellishments on it is that you have to be a bit careful so that the clothing with the faux crystal or crystal or embellishment doesn't snag on something which can pull on the embellishment and make it loose and eventually fall off the piece of clothing. Once the embellishments start falling off the clothing the piece will no longer be the same. So you want to be careful when wearing faux crystals or crystals or really any embellishments.

Since the holidays are approaching some people might be holiday shopping now or planning holiday functions now so I thought crystals would be a great piece for the holiday season or just to get now since there are sales going on and it could cost a bit less to a get crystal embellished or a crystal trimmed piece now or any embellished piece depending on the boutique or retailer while it's on sale.

If you are looking to try something new like crystal embellishments on your clothing then you've come to the right place. Below are some crystal embellished and crystal trimmed looks worth trying out. To learn more about each look below click on the links below the pictures and the pictures which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

To get this look click on the links below

To get this look click on the links below

To get this look click on the links below



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