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Wearing A Ear Huggie; Ear Climbers; A Ear Cuff & Other Earring Styles

A ear huggie, ear climbers and ear cuff all serve the same purpose as earrings. Wearing earrings is more of the traditional way. But an ear huggie, ear climbers and ear cuffs can make you look more cool and edgy. These ear accessories when worn regularly are all the accessories you may need. But you could always still add rings, and layer some necklaces to complete your look.

When you wear your hair in a ponytail or wear it back and you wear ear climbers, ear cuffs and a ear huggie it can make you stand out from the crowd because everyone will immediately notice your ear area. Some people go all out with ear climbers, ear cuffs and a ear huggie. If these ear accessories are your thing then go for it and have fun with it.

If you only do the traditional earrings and have never tried ear climbers, ear cuffs or an ear huggie then this post is for you. Below are some ear climbers, ear cuffs and ear huggies to get you started. To learn more about each ear accessory click on the pictures below it will take you to the retailer that sells the accessory.

Shashi Jade Pave Ear Cuff $45
Catbird Big Secret silver earring $40
Ef Collection Single Diamond Ear Cuff $195
Saskia Diez Bold set of two gold-plated ear cuffs $220
Zoe Chicco 14k Gold Huggie Hoop Chain Link Ear Cuff $395
Alan Crocetti Space gold-plated silver ear cuffs $216
Shashi Noa Ear Climbers $55
Maria Tash Pearl & yellow-gold ear cuff $617
Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge Ear Cuff Set $125
Rosantica By Michela Panero Gelo crystal-embellished ear cuff and earrings $187

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