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A Look At A Few Items That Are Currently On Sale

During the Spring season and Summer season in NYC a lot of retailers start putting out their sales items. Usually the sale tends to kick off in May - right around Memorial Day weekend about a week or two before. Then the sales tend to last all throughout the summer and then into Labor Day weekend which is in September. Then the sale stops. Then there is another sale for Columbus Day which is in October and a Veteran's Day sale which is in November (the Columbus Day & Veteran's Day sale is usually limited to a day or a few days and only certain retailers participate). Then the next big sale is Black Friday which is always the day right after Thanksgiving. That will be a separate post as the day approaches.

During the spring and summer when the sale starts you'll find a lot of summer items but also lots of winter items as well. Some people usually use the sale season as a time to buy the items that they really wanted that weren't on sale before. Some of the things people would probably be looking to purchase would be things like electronics - maybe (laptops, PCs, TVs and home gadgets, and other electronic accessories). Some people will also be looking to purchase home ware appliances and other home decor items like (comforters, bedspreads sets, pillows, rugs, dressers etc). Also people will probably want clothing for themselves and start back-to-school shopping and looking to get clothing for the kids, shoes, bags, winter jackets, and other items that weren't on sale during the non-sale season.

But for this post I am going to only be looking at the sales happening right now - during the summer. Usually during the sale season is when I upgrade my electronics if I need to which is usually during the summer or during the Black Friday sale. But this post will be mainly for clothing, shoes and bags. Then there will be a follow-up post shortly for other sale items.

So I thought for this post I'd pull together some clothing pieces and shoes and bags that are on sale now. Below are some of the clothing, shoes and bag pieces that are on sale. You can find out more about each item on sale by clicking on the links below each picture. The link will take you to the retailer that sells that sells the item. I also included the other items that complete the looks below that are not currently on sale.

Alice + Olivia Ryan Paper Bag Pants $199.50- the rest of the look is not on sale - but I have linked them below
The cardigan and the jeans are on sale the other items that make up the look are are not on sale - But you can click the links below
This whole look is on sale - to get this look click on the links below
Only the trousers, sandals and bag are on sale - But below are the links for the entire look
Culture Print Smock Dress $55
To get this look click on the links below
To get this look click on the links below
To get this look click on the links below
The dress is on sale but the slides are not - but below are the links for both items
To get this look click on the links below

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