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  • Safi Bello

Facebook's 'trusted' news source survey is two simple questions

Engadget ------------ When Facebook said it would rank the trustworthiness of sources in your News Feed based on community feedback, it raised questions as to what that survey would look like. Well, we know now... and it's not terribly complicated. BuzzFeed has obtained the survey, and it's limited to the two questions Mark Zuckerberg alluded to when announcing the move: whether you recognize certain sites, and how much you trust them (from "not at all" to entirely"). No really, that's the extent of it. If you were expecting a nuanced examination of editorial integrity that helps you explain exactly what you trust, you're going to be disappointed. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

Facebook's 'trusted' news source survey is two simple questions - Read More from Engadget

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