• Safi Bello

Europe Set to Invest in Quantum Tech

Scientific American ----- As China and the United States threaten to corner the market on quantum technologies, Europe is slowly waking up to the opportunity with investment of its own. A year ago, the European Commission announced that it would create a €1-billion (US$1.1-billion) research effort in the field, and it should start to invite grant applications later this year. But scientists coordinating the project say that they are already concerned because industry partners seem reluctant to invest. Members of an advisory group steering the Quantum Technology Flagship, as the project is called, gave details of how it will work at a meeting on April 7 at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in London. The project aims to exploit the bizarre behavior shown by quantum systems to develop new technologies, such as super-secure communication systems and miniature, ultra-accurate sensors. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

Europe Set to Invest in Quantum Tech - Read More from Scientific American

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