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Ford Tests 3D Printing for Parts (F)

Investopedia ------ In a press release published Monday, Ford Motor Co. (F) announced that it is testing Stratasys Ltd.'s (SSYS) Infinite Build 3D printer with the aim of producing low-volume parts at a more reasonable cost. The firm gave examples of applications including prototypes, racing vehicle components and personalized parts, but it also hinted at farther-reaching changes: "Capable of printing automotive parts of practically any shape or length, the Stratasys Infinite Build system could be a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing."Ford's announcement may mark a turning point in the auto industry by reducing the time, cost and waste involved in vehicle manufacturing. Additive manufacturing, as 3D printing is also known, works by stacking up liquefied material, layer by layer, as opposed to the traditional subtractive approach. It has been used – with varying degrees of success – to build things as varied as homes, shoes, guns and organs. The most obvious advantage of this technology is that it eliminates waste: rather than chipping away what doesn't belong from a block of raw material, you add only what does belong. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

Ford Tests 3D Printing for Parts (F) - Read More from Investopedia

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