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Statement On The Release Of The Central Intelligence Agency’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Procedur

According to a press release on January 18, 2017 the Central Intelligence Agency released to the public updated procedures governing the collection, retention, and dissemination of information concerning United States persons. These updated procedures, like the superseded procedures, are designed to balance the CIA's intelligence responsibilities with appropriate protections for the privacy and civil liberties of United States persons. Timely, accurate, and insightful information about the activities, capabilities, plans, and intentions of foreign powers, organizations, and persons, and their agents, is essential to informed decision-making in the areas of national security, national defense, and foreign relations. Collection of such information is a priority objective that the CIA pursues in a vigorous, innovative, and responsible manner. This mission is accomplished while remaining respectful of the principles upon which the United States was founded, and consistent with the Constitution and applicable statutes and Presidential directives authorizing the CIA's activities, including the National Security Act of 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, and Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities. To get more in depth information on the Statement on Release of the Central Intelligence Agency's Updated Executive Order 12333 Procedures click on the picture below to read the complete release.

Statement on the Release of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Procedures - Read More from Central Intelligence Agency

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