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How To Guide For: Understanding How Hackers Hacked Webcams To Bring Down The Internet --- What Cyber

On Friday October 21, hackers hijacked CCTV cameras made by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology using malware known as Mirai. While Xiongmai didn't say how many of its products had been infiltrated, all cameras made before September 2015 were potentially susceptible. The company has recalled some of its vulnerable products in the US, and issued a software update. The internet attack caused sites like Netflix, Google, Spotify, Twitter, Paypal and even CNN to go down on Friday. How did this happen-- according to several reports the widespread disruption was the result of a coordinated assault on some of the underlying infrastructure that powers the internet. Attackers overwhelmed the system using hundreds of thousands of devices that had been infected with malicious code to create a "botnet". Dyn said it had fought off a number of different attacks throughout Friday. Outages were reported in the Eastern United States before sweeping across the country and over Europe. So what cybersecurity measures can be taken so this never happens again. For starters companies need to be properly educated on cybersecurity issues and what it entails. Companies need to understand what a "botnet" is. How cyber criminals create and grow botnets. Companies should teach their employees how to prevent their computers from becoming part of a botnet by informing them not to click on suspicious links, which can lead anywhere. Another important thing is unknown attachments. Do not download any unknown attachments. You want to make sure your Firewall is on always. You need to make sure you have an antivirus

software. Always make sure that all of your softwares are up to date. These are just some cybersecurity measures that can be taken. To get more in depth information on how hackers hacked webcams to bring down the internet on Friday -- click the pictures below to read the articles.

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