• Safi Bello

The Asymmetric Look

The Asymmetric look is one of those looks that can be a bit hard to pull off. Due to asymmetric looks being uneven and longer on one side than the other you have to kind of think just a little bit of how you'll style the look. For example if it is a asymmetric skirt you have to kind of put some thought into the blouse or top you're going to wear and the footwear that you'll wear either it will be high heels or a low heel. Depending on the style of the asymmetric skirt and the length and where the asymmetry falls a pair of flats might not be able to work. The same if it is a asymmetric dress. The wrong shoe and wrong blouse or top can kind of throw the entire look off.

Asymmetric looks especially asymmetric skirts and asymmetric dresses are great now that it is winter here in NYC because it is something that you can pair with a nice pair of shoe boots that could be high heel or kitten heel or no heel and a nice cashmere or chunky sweater or just any turtleneck and you could throw a cardigan over it with your wool coat, down jacket, moto jacket or really any coat and jacket you have. But then again depending on the how the asymmetric skirt or dress is cut and falls on you, you don't want to throw on a cardigan that is too long or too oversized. But hey a really long cardigan and an oversized cardigan could possibly work with your asymmetric skirt or dress. It depends on the look you're going for and your style.

With asymmetric blazers, coats and jackets those could be a little easier to work with. Blazers and coats and jackets are outer layers and you can really get away with outer layers because your heels and bag can help pull off the entire look and make it look effortless. In some cases depending on the asymmetric blazer, coat or jacket you might be able to put a thin belt or a chunky belt over it to make the asymmetric piece even stand out more or to balance out the asymmetric look.

With asymmetric looks it is all about the girl and what she chooses to pair with the look. Everyone has there own look and their own style. So what works for one girl may not work for the next. Just find your thing and run with it. Asymmetric looks can be fun because it is uneven and sometimes when you see the look in a store on a mannequin you can't imagine it on you. But you should try the item out because you may like it and may even purchase it. There are those who would stay away from trying on any asymmetric clothing because it is different from the typical everyday outfit or look. But asymmetric pieces can be fun even though you've never worn the look before.

If you are looking for some asymmetric looks to test out now that it is cold outside with your shoe boots and your wool coats and puffers and other coats and jackets then you've come to the right place. Below are some asymmetric looks worth trying out now and you can also transition the looks into spring and summer as well. To learn more about each look below click on the picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.


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