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Some Sweater/Jumper Looks

It's officially sweater/jumper weather in NYC. In NYC it just keeps getting cooler and cooler. The temperatures have gone as low as 60 degrees so far which is not that bad. But in the evenings and at night it feels even colder. Temperature drop is likely as the fall is approaching. Fall is about 2-3 days away and then winter in the northern hemisphere begins on December 21 which is about two months or so away. So that means it will start getting and feeling even colder and then snow is a possibility as we get into winter.

I love the fall season because you get to wear all your blazers, cardigans and cute sweaters/jumpers and all your other fall and early winter season clothing and accessories. During the fall it's cool enough to wear a lightweight sweater/jumper or a lightweight cardigan but nothing too heavy. The great thing with the fall season is that you can wear maxi dresses or any dress and layer it with a cute sweater on top. Sweaters and jumpers will even work well with your midi skirts or any skirts you may have. You can probably even wear a lot of your summer clothing in the fall but layer your summer looks with sweaters or cardigans or a blazer for warmth.

Sweaters/Jumpers are great for the fall and then you can transition them into the winter season and even into the spring season. Sweaters/Jumpers come in different colors, with or without embellishments, fluffy or plain, in different fabrics from cashmere, to wool, to silk, satin and so on. You can find all different kinds of sweaters from heavy to lightweight from short to long and so on and so on. Sweaters/Jumpers are also very versatile. You can dress them up if that is your vibe or wear a sweater with a more dressed down, casual look. What I love in the winter with sweaters is that you can layer with them as it gets colder and colder. My point is a sweater/jumper is a great fall/winter item to have.

Since fall is a few days away and winter will follow I thought now might be a good time to stock up on sweaters/jumpers if you don't have any already. So if you are looking for sweaters/jumpers for the fall, winter and possibly spring season then you've come to the right place. If you are looking to add more sweaters/jumpers to your already sweater/jumper collection then you've also come to the right place. Below are some sweater/jumper looks worth trying out now and in the winter season and possibly spring. To learn more about each sweater/jumper look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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