• Safi Bello

Some Skincare Products For The Winter Season

If you live in NYC then you know how cold it's been and how cold it can get. Recently in NYC it has been 20 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes even colder. So you have to wear lots of layers just to keep warm. But the thing is even with the layers you can only cover your body. But you can't really cover up your face when you're outside because you need to see where you're going and get around from place to place.

So during the winter season your face is hit very hard with wind, snow and very cold weather. So you're probably always trying to find ways to keep your face protected and healthy. But we all have different skin types. Some of us have oily skin, some of us have dry skin, some of us have combination skin or acne prone skin and so many other different skin types. So we use products on our skin based on our skin type. What works for someone with oily skin may not work for someone with dry skin. But regardless of your skin type you still need to find ways to keep your skin in good shape during the winter season and every other season.

If you live in a climate that is currently like NYC right now I thought I'd share with you some skincare products that are worth trying out now for the winter season. Your skin will need lots of hydration and moisturizing and don't forget the SPF during the winter season. Your skin pretty much needs hydration and moisturizing and SPF all year round not just during the winter. If you are looking for some skincare products for the winter season below are some skincare products worth trying out this winter and any winter season going forward.


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