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Some Products To Use To Get The Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup Trend Looks

For Spring and Summer 2020 you'll notice everywhere you go the same makeup looks. The biggest makeup trend for spring and summer 2020 will be everything related to eyes. So you you'll see lots of bright color eyeshadows from neons, to oranges to yellows to pinks and other bright colors. You will also see lots of glitter on the eyes. So there will be lots of glittery and sparkly eyeshadows. You will see lots of lip gloss looks, liquid liners and lots of embellishments on the eyes.

There are some eye makeup looks that were trending on the runway during the spring and summer 2020 fashion shows but might not be something that women would try out in real life. I am talking about the floating eye liner look that was noticeable at the Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2020 show (you can fast forward to 1:09 of the video to see the floating eyeliner look). It looks fun and playful for the runway but maybe not for IRL. But if you are looking to try out a different eye makeup look then I say go for the floating eyeliner look.

You will also see lots of red lipsticks this spring and summer 2020. Red lipstick seems to always be a very popular trend it doesn't matter what season it is. There are so many shades of red so you can always switch up your red lip look. At the Prababl Gurung spring 2020 show there was a cherry lipstick (you can fast forward to 1:59-2:07 of the video to see the red lipstick). There was also a dark lipstick trend that was shown at the Max Mara spring summer 2020 show (you can check out the dark colored lipstick look here - it looks like a black lipstick or it could be a bit of a dark purple look as well). These two lip colors work on the runway but also IRL.

This post is to show you some of the products that you could use to get the trending makeup looks that were all over the spring and summer 2020 fashion show runways. So for the bright eye look you could maybe try out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Eyeshadow Palette. For the red lip look you could maybe try out the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip. For the metallic smoky eye look you could maybe try out the Urban Decay NAKED smoky eyeshadow palette.

To learn more about each product below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the item and there you can learn more about the item and decide if it is a trend that you want to try out.


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