• Safi Bello

Some Items On Sale Now Worth Checking Out

Due to the situation in the world right now everyone has been urged to practice social distancing. Social distancing is a health practice that encourages people to keep their physical distance from each other to help slow down the spread of a virus. With the social distancing has come in place shelter in some states and now all schools being closed, and jobs being closed and everyone is working from home.

Restaurants are closed as well for dining in but you can go and order take out at some restaurants and diners and bars. The only places that are really opened are supermarkets so that everyone can go and get water, tissue, food to cook and eat and other necessities while we all hunker down at home for the next who knows how long. Also pharmacies are opened if you need to fill a prescription or pickup any other items that you need. Even retail stores of all sizes are closed from your local mom and pop retail shop to your big chain retail shop and fast fashion retailer to high end luxury retailer are all closed.

During this time while everyone is working from home or off from school it's a great time to maybe catch up on any hobbies that you've been wanting to do or any house cleaning or anything you've been putting off doing. Also it's a great time to also really try and support your local mom and pop shops that are closed like a local mom and pop coffee shop, cafe, food market or restaurant or clothing store that is closed if you can do take out or if they have an online shop maybe you could spend your money at their business and it would help their establishment during these uncertain times.

Right now since all retail stores/shops are closed a lot of retailers have decided to do major sales online since no one knows when anything will be opened again and when everyone will be able to go out and do anything social or socializing with others. Since we are all indoors for a while we all have time now to catch up on any and everything and while doing household chores, and working from home, taking care of the children, watching television, and cooking and ordering groceries from Amazon if you don't want to go outside to your local supermarket (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Fairway, etc...) you might be tempted to check out some of the sales happening while you take care of your household tasks.

Some of the retailers that have sales going on are Shopbop, H&M, Net-A-Porter, Matchesfashion, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Madewell, Topshop, Farfetch, Forward by Elyse Walker, Anthropologie, Free People, Aritzia , & Other Stories just to name a few. There are tons more retailers that have sales going on right now. But if you need a break from everything and just want to take your mind off of everything happening in the world right now then maybe a little bit of shopping could help with that. Below are some pieces worth checking out. To learn more about each item below you can click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the item.


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