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Some Cardigan Looks For The Fall/Autumn & Winter Season

In NYC it's that time of year when it's time to start bringing out your jackets and your jeans jackets, blazers, sweaters and cardigans and so on. It's time to start really transitioning to fall/autumn. The weather is really getting cooler and cooler here in NYC. In NYC it went from being warm and hot like 85-88 degrees to 72-77 degrees cool and breezy. If you live in NYC and you wear short sleeve or sleeveless anything you really do need to have something handy to throw on over your look because now it gets darker earlier and a bit chilly in the evening. So you want to have something that will help to keep you warm.

Since we are approaching fall/autumn season now would be a great time to start wearing your jean jackets, blazers, cardigans and lightweight sweaters. For this post I want to explore cardigans. A cardigan is any kind of knit that has an opening in the front with buttons or snaps or no closures at all. Cardigans are great to wear with just about any and everything from a midi dress, to midi skirt, to jeans, to trousers, slacks or really any bottom you have. When it comes to tops you can wear a lightweight sweater or turtleneck or a high collar blouse or a t-shirt. You can pretty much make any or most tops and footwear work with a cardigan because cardigans come in different styles, cuts, fabrics, materials, lightweight or heavy, fluffy, wool, or cashmere, one color or multi color, long or short and so on. So you have lots of options when it comes to shopping for and picking which cardigans to purchase.

Now that fall/autumn is around the corner you might be looking for ideas for what kind of pieces to wear for the fall/autumn season. So I thought I'd start with cardigans by just showing you a variety of cardigans that are out now on the market. If you are searching for some cardigans and are on the market to purchase new cardigans or just looking to upgrade your cardigan collection then you've come to the right place. Below are some cardigan looks worth trying out during the fall/autumn and even winter season. To learn more about the cardigan looks below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.

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