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Fashion Designer Raf Simmons & Miuccia Prada Joining Forces - A Look At Some Items from Prada

I wanted to take a look at the new partnership between fashion designer Raf Simmons and Miuccia Prada that was just announced on Sunday February 23. If you don't know who Raf Simmons is - he is a Belgian fashion designer. He was the creative director at Jil Sander from 2005-2012. Then he was the creative director at Christian Dior from 2012-2015. Then he was the creative director at Calvin Klein from 2016-2018.

So Raf Simmons will join Miuccia Prada as the co-creative director at Prada. It was Miuccia Prada and her husband who hired Raf Simmons to design Jil Sander at the time when it was part of the Prada Group. So they have some history. It will be interesting to watch because Raf Simmons and Miuccia Prada both have different styles. So we all have to wait and see how this co-creative direction will work out. Raf Simmons co-creative role at Prada with Miuccia Prada will begin April 1, 2020.

For those of you who don't know Miuccia Prada is the head designer at Prada but she is also the founder of Miu Miu which is part of the Prada Group. Miu Miu is one of those brands that makes really beautiful quality items but doesn't get the exposure or recognition that it should. But back to Prada. Prada has been having quite a bit of comeback over the last few years. What kind of resurrected Prada was the Cahier bag that hit the fashion runway in Fall 2016. The Cahier bag was so big that it was everywhere. All over instagram, youtube and all the influencers and fashion bloggers and vloggers, fashion editors, celebrities and every it girl had the bag. Once the Cahier debuted in Fall 2016 it just became a staple. Then during the Resort 2019 show Prada showed their Prada Sidonie shoulder bag and that became a huge trend. Now the biggest Prada bag trend is the Prada Re-Edition 2000 nylon mini bag which is everywhere literally from instagram to fashion magazines and all over the streets of fashion week.

So I wanted to take a look at some items that are trending right now from Prada and some new in arrivals worth taking a look at. To learn more about the items below click on the pictures and you will be directed to the retailer selling the item.

The Prada leather combat boots are trending in black. But I wanted to show you the red version so you could see both.


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