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  • Safi Bello

Wearing Birkenstock like Sandals

Birkenstocks are shoes and sandals that have rubber soles which kind of fit the shape of your feet. They are comfortable and easy to throw on and who cares if they go with your outfit it's just a comfortable go to staple to wear during the summer season and for some all year round.

Birkenstocks were already very popular. But over the last few years the Birkenstock sandal has just become a thing you see everywhere and everyone is wearing it and on a regular basis. It is very trendy. The birkenstock is a trend that will never disappear because everyone wants to be comfortable and the Birkenstock does that.

With the continued rise in popularity of the birkenstock I've noticed that other brands/designers are pretty much making their own version of the Birkenstock sandal. Since we're still in summer here in NYC the Birkenstock is perfect for right now and into the fall season. So I wanted to share with you some very similar Birkenstock looks that have embellishments and other things that the regular Birkenstock may not have. Below are some Birkenstock like sandals. To learn more about each look below click on each picture which will take you to the retailer selling the look.