• Safi Bello

Wearing Slides All Throughout The Summer

Slides have a similar look to flip-flops and slippers and can sometimes even feel like flip-flops and slippers. There used to be a time (back in the day) when you would only wear slippers and flip-flops around the house. But now we have an updated and more modern version of the slipper called slides. Slides are more fashionably appropriate to wear going out on a daily basis to school, work, happy hour and anywhere else you might go on a daily basis during the spring and definitely during the summer season.

Slides can be worn daily on repeat because they are extremely comfortable and during the summer especially when it's very hot who is isn't in to comfort. The thing with some slides is that they can be made really flat so not all slides give you complete comfort that you may need throughout the day. But that can be fixed all you have to do is take your slides to a cobbler/shoe repair person and they can possibly add an extra layer to the bottom to give your feet some support.

But overall slides are a great investment. You may already own a pair or two because I'm sure you have a pair of plain slippers. So you may not need to go out and buy a new pair. But if you want something more updated, embellished or sparkly or colorful or just something newer than what you have then you've come to the right place. Below are some slide sandal looks that you can wear all throughout the summer and into the early fall and then during the spring season. To learn more about each slide sandal look below click on each picture and you will be directed to the retailer that sells the look.


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